about us

hayley pascoe ceramics is a small business based in the beautiful bay of islands, new zealand. all pieces are handmade by hayley while she's not working with preschoolers or swimming in the sea. hayley has a soft spot for the perfectly imperfect and loves the idea of comfort food being eaten off her plates and endless cups of tea being made in her mugs.

each step of the making process is overseen by margot, the quirky and beloved studio cat. margot seems particularly invested in ensuring the boxes are up to scratch and dutifully hops in and out of them, making sure the pieces will be well loved and protected as they travel to their new homes. 

by supporting hayley pascoe ceramics, you allow us to do what we love ~ work with natural materials and elements to create weird and wonderful works of art. 

"I believe my pieces are everyday reminders to slow down and seek beauty, while not taking ourselves too seriously."