Can I put my new mugs through the dishwasher? 

yes you can! all pieces from hayley pascoe ceramics are dishwasher safe, but it is best to put them through a gentle cycle. to extend the life of your ceramics, it is always beneficial to hand wash them.

Are your dishes microwave safe?

yes, all pieces can handle a trip through the microwave, but not the oven or stovetop. avoid thermal shock, ie: extreme hot to cold or vice versa. after microwaving, place your dishes on a wooden board, tea towel or something else which can absorb some of the heat. 

Do you take custom orders?

on occasion we will take custom orders, but this will depend on the time of year (busyness), as well as the specifics. please get in touch to enquire about any custom orders and we'll see what we can do.

Do you make dinner sets?

we make a variety of pieces which you can use to create your own unique dinner sets! most customers create dinner sets using the pieces in our white ware range. these pieces are hand built and glazed to be glossy white. they are triple sanded to be buttery smooth on the bottom and because they are hand built as opposed to being thrown on a potter's wheel, each piece is a unique and organic shape. some customers mix and match these glossy white pieces with some from our terrazzo or blue squiggles series, or some of our one of a kind hand painted pieces to create a fun and bespoke dinner set. have fun creating your own personal dinner set, choosing from the plates, bowls, mugs and tumblers in our online shop. 


Can I get my items gift wrapped or include a little message?

we love the idea of our pieces heading out as gifts and surprises and we will be offering a gift wrapping option in the near future. if you leave us a note when you place your order, we'll happily include this message for you.

Can I pick up my pieces in person?

if you are keen to skip the delivery fee, or just want an excuse to see margot, please use the code "kerikeri friends" at checkout and we will get in touch to arrange a suitable time for you to pick up your order. 

Can I find hayley pascoe ceramics in any shops?

yes! you can find our ceramics at these beautiful new zealand shops: